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Updated: Jun. 20 (14:01)

March - May 2024 Gendarme
Saint Louis Police Officers Association
Sick Leave Benefits for Care of Relatives
Duluth Police Local #807
County PA Agreement Reached
Saint Louis Police Officers Association
Now Accepting Class I Associate Members!
Le-Hampton Lodge 35 FOP
Press Release For 2024 Police Memorial Service
Pennsylvania State Lodge FOP
Save the Date - 9/26/2024
Saint Louis Police Officers Association
The American Coalition of Public Safety (Formerly the New England Coalition of Public Safety) was formed by full-time law enforcement officers currently working in the private sector. Our representatives and legal staff have extensive experience in both law enforcement and labor relations. We are committed to providing private sector public safety professionals the best representation possible.

The American Coalition of Public Safety is an organization that is run by its members. The ACOPS Executive Board, made up of local Presidents, determines the direction and actions of the organization.

ACOPS is fully compliant with Section 9(b)(3) of the National Labor Relations Act. We are not affiliated with any national union and we only admit private sector public safety professionals to our membership.

Services Provided for ACOPS Locals:
  • Legal representation during the collective bargaining process.
  • Legal representation is provided for members during disciplinary hearings at the local level.
  • Legal representation is provided for locals during bargaining unit certification proceedings.
  • Legal representation is provided for locals for issues brought to arbitration.
  • Organized political action efforts.
  • Training for local union officials.

If you are currently non-union, we will assist you in obtaining voluntary recognition or certification as a bargaining unit. The procedure is very simple and we will handle all of the necessary paperwork for you. The entire process can be completed in just a few short weeks. If you are currently in a union and are looking to change your affiliation, we can explain the procedure to you.

For more information, you can visit the National Labor Relations Board website at

Page Last Updated: Sep 07, 2022 (07:55:06)
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This issue has cases on arbitration, equal pay, First Amendment, handicap discrimination, health insurance, political discrimination, reverse discrimination, and whistleblower protection.
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